Travis Kelce’s Madden 25 rating has fans upset, but why?

Travis Kelce's Madden 25 rating has fans upset, but why?


The highly anticipated Madden NFL 25 is set to launch on August 16, 2024, and NFL fans everywhere are eagerly awaiting the chance to fire up the new game on their consoles. As with every summer, there is a buzz of excitement and speculation surrounding the ratings of elite players in the game.

One of the most sought-after designations in Madden is the “99 Overall” rating, and fans have been eagerly awaiting the announcement of which players will receive this rare honor.


The wait is finally over, as it has been revealed that Patrick Mahomes, Christian McCaffrey, Justin Jefferson, Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce have all been awarded the prestigious 99 Overall rating in the new Madden game.

Fans question decision to give Kelce 99 Overall
However, the announcement has sparked some controversy among fans, particularly in regard to Travis Kelce’s inclusion in the 99 Overall club. Some fans have expressed surprise and skepticism about Kelce’s high rating, with one user commenting, “Kelce had a down year in the regular season. Doesn’t seem like he should be here.”

Another fan echoed this sentiment, stating, “Kelce shouldn’t be 99.” There are even speculations about the influence of Kelce’s high-profile girlfriend, with one fan humorously attributing his rating to “Taylor swift tho.”

Despite the mixed reactions from fans, one thing is for certain: when the new Madden game is released in August, Kelce’s player will undoubtedly be a force to be reckoned with on the virtual field. His exceptional skills and contributions to the Kansas City Chiefs have solidified his reputation as a world-class player, and his virtual counterpart in Madden NFL 25 is expected to reflect that.

As fans continue to debate and speculate about the player ratings in the upcoming game, one thing remains clear: Madden NFL 25 is poised to deliver an exciting and immersive experience for gamers and football enthusiasts alike. Whether it’s debating player ratings or eagerly anticipating the game’s release, the excitement surrounding Madden NFL 25 is palpable.