Breaking news : Travis Kelce Teary-eyed confirmed his retirement Date with 5 main reasons ” it’s sudden but i have no choice “

Breaking news : Travis Kelce Teary-eyed confirmed his retirement Date with 5 main reasons


It would be an understatement to say that Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is at the top of the world. At this point, Kelce is at the top of worlds. On the field, Kelce remains one of the league’s most dangerous pass-catching weapons as his Chiefs look to defend their back-to-back titles and a chance to secure the NFL’s first-ever three-peat. Off the field, he’s hosting a gameshow reboot and joining the cast of a mysterious horror drama, in addition to inspiring Taylor Swift songs.


With Kelce set to turn 35 years old in October as his fame and notoriety reach new heights, questions about his playing future have continued to grow. On Tuesday, Kelce spoke to members of the Kansas City media after the team’s first mandatory minicamp practice, and Kelce was asked about his return to the facilities and his off-field achievements this offseason.

“I’m a football player, I love playing in the NFL and this will always be my main focus,” Kelce said. “But outside of that, you know, football ends for everybody, so dipping your toes in the water and seeing what you like in different areas and different career fields, I think the offseason is the best chance you can get to try and explore that and set yourself up for after football.”

The biggest football news for Kelce this offseason came when he signed a reworked two-year contract that gave him a raise and two years of security to remain in KC. Kelce was asked about the decision to sign that contract, why he knew he wanted to play in 2024, and how many years of football he thinks he has left.

“I really can’t put a timeframe on it,” Kelce said. “I love coming to work every single day. Obviously, I know there’s opportunities outside of football for me, and I think you’ve gotta keep in perspective that I’m still a little kid when I come into this building, man. I know I’m 34 years old, about to be 35, but I have a love to do this right here in the middle of the heat in June. I love coming to work every single day and doing this, so I’m gonna do it until the wheels fall off, and hopefully that doesn’t happen anytime soon, but I can definitely understand that it’s towards the end of the road than it is the beginning of it, and I just gotta make sure I’m set up for after football as well.”

After a question about the Chiefs’ offseason additions potentially limiting the impact on Kelce’s body in 2024, Kelce reiterated his previous sentiment even more directly.

“Wear and tear me, baby,” Kelce said. “I’m ready for it, man. Put the load on me.”