Travis Kelce Jokes About Seeing His Dad Talk to Taylor Swift at Chiefs Game: ‘Terrifying Conversation’

Travis Kelce Jokes About Seeing His Dad Talk to Taylor Swift at Chiefs Game: 'Terrifying Conversation'


On Wednesday’s podcast episode, Travis dished on how he felt seeing Swift meet his dad for the first time, while Jason joked that it was “momentous”


Travis Kelce Jokes About Seeing His Dad Talk to Taylor Swift at Chiefs Game: 'Terrifying Conversation'

Taylor Swift took a big step in her budding relationship with Travis Kelce over the weekend — and it made the NFL star nervous.

On Wednesday’s episode of the Kansas City Chiefs tight end’s podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment, he and his brother, Jason Kelce, joked around about how they felt seeing their father, Ed Kelce, chatting up Swift, 33, during Thursday’s game.

“Papa Kelce in the spotlight,” Jason, 35, said as he and his brother kicked off a segment dedicated to their dad’s interaction with Travis’ new love interest. “If you were watching the game, you saw something momentous happen, which was Taylor Swift talking to Ed Kelce.”

“You know Dad like I know Dad,” Travis, 34, said, adding, “This is a terrifying conversation. I felt terrible for Taylor for being in this.”


The brothers joked about how a conversation with their father ignites fear in them both. “If you see Dad talking to anybody and you can’t hear what’s happening, who knows where that conversation’s going,” Jason said

Their mother, Donna Kelce, on the other hand, they both agreed is “gonna be fine.”

“It’s delightful, it’s gonna be a wonderful conversation,” Travis said of Donna meeting someone new, though she’s already hung out with Swift several times since her son started seeing the popstar.

All jokes aside, though, Travis, who defeated the Denver Broncos while Swift and his parents cheered him on at Arrowhead Stadium on Thursday, called Ed the “best f—ing dad in the world” as he shared more about what he and the “Anti-Hero” singer chatted about.

“You can see in this picture all he’s doing is just absolutely pumping her up,” Travis said before revealing that Ed has started listening to Swift’s music “a little more” given the budding romance.



Travis ended the segment with a sweet shoutout to Ed. “Thanks Dad for not making me look bad, partner.”

Wednesday’s episode also saw the football player brothers breakdown Travis’ headline-making weekend with Swift in New York City, including what he called a “spectacular” surprise visit to Saturday Night Live.

“We showed up at SNL having the idea of going, supporting Ice Spice,” the two-time Super Bowl champion said. “Her and Taylor are good friends.”

As for his surprise cameo in a skit about what Jason called “Swift mania in the NFL,” Travis said, “I thought it was hilarious and when they asked me to be a part of it I was like, man I’d be honored.”

“It was electric to be back in that place,” he continued of his first time back at the show since he hosted it in March. “There is just something about being in that room. And being their first episode this season, I had such a freaking blast man.”

As the two continue to navigate the early days of their relationship, a source tells PEOPLE that “Taylor’s unlike anyone Travis has dated before” — but he’s more than ready for it.

“It was very unexpected for his friends, but he’s so into her and very, very happy,” the insider said. Some people thought he was just joking around about the bracelet and having a crush on her earlier this summer, but he was serious about it.”

The two are “having a great time getting to know one another” and “have introduced some of their friends to each other” in recent weeks, the source added.

“Everyone’s getting along and seeing how much fun they have together. They make a very cute couple.”