Taylor Swift Mom disclosed “Taylor and Travis rang in 2024 with a promise they will marry, but agreed it’s ‘too soon to go public’ and make it official”

Taylor Swift Mom disclosed


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce DID promise to marry as they kissed in the New Year – but they’re waiting to make it official until after the Super Bowl and the Eras tour


Taylor Swift Mom disclosed "Taylor and Travis rang in 2024 with a promise they will marry, but agreed it's 'too soon to go public' and make it official''

It’s a secret so hot it could have melted the Buffalo snow, and it was sealed with a kiss on New Year’s Eve.

Fans swooned over pictures of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s midnight kiss in Kansas City – but little did they know the couple was not only ushering in a new year but vowing to spend the rest of their lives together.

The anonymous creator of the Deux Moi podcast broke the news of what she called a secret ‘engagement.’ last week, claiming that a trusted source told her: ‘Taylor and Travis got engaged 12/31. They did it just the two of them alone before that party they were photographed at.’.

But the loved up couple are not ready to make it official yet.

Swift, 34, and Kelce, also 34, have so much on their plates in the coming months it is simply, ‘too soon to go public’ and make it official.


The hosts went on to discuss how it was ‘too soon’ for them to make any public and official commitment with the playoffs then still to come and Swift’s continued tour.

Deux Moi said: ‘They don’t want to overshadow that. It’s too soon.’

But, however level-headed this decision, Kelce had no problems making his feelings for Swift very public during Sunday’s victorious game against the Buffalo Bills.

With temperatures plummeting on the field, he warmed the hearts of millions with a sweet display just for Swift.

At one point he blew a kiss up to the VIP box where she and his family cheered him on.

At another – after one of the two touchdowns scored in what was the game of his life – he turned to where Swift whooped with joy, formed a love-heart with his hands and sent it straight to her.

It was a public declaration, clear as day that while his head was in the game, his heart was with Swift all the way.

For her part, with an ever-expanding wardrobe of hats, shirts and jackets bearing her boyfriend’s name and number 87, Swift has taken to quite literally wearing her heart on her sleeve.



Sunday was no different as she donned her red hat and cream jacket to cheer the Chiefs on alongside supermodel and actress pal Cara Delevingne, new bestie Brittany Mahomes, 28, and her putative sister-in-law Kylie Kelce, 31, whom she was meeting for the first time along with Kelce’s brother Jason.

Never backwards in coming forwards Jason, 36, stripped off to his waist, pounded Budweisers and roared into the night and the crowd as his little brother and team romped to a 27-24 win in a fiercely fought battle to remain in the running for the Super Bowl.

But while Travis has met Swift’s father and she in turn has now met and spent time with all the Kelce clan – mother Donna, father Ed and brother and sister-in-law Jason and Kylie – both Swift and Kelce know that now is not the time to be making any announcements.

In recent weeks there has been a flurry of flip-flopping headlines – they’re engaged, they’re not engaged, he’s shopping for a ring, they may not go the distance.

On January 11, Page Six reported that the couple plans to get engaged this summer.

On January 12 The Daily Mirror reported that there were ‘no plans’ for an engagement.

And on January 15, TMZ reported insiders questioning whether the relationship would even ‘go the distance.’


Day after day the rumor mill churns. And throughout it all Kelce and Swift have remained serenely and graciously silent.

Because the truth is they know exactly where they’re at in their relationship and the promise that they have made to one another.

But for now, Kelce’s focus must remain on the game, with the Chiefs facing the Baltimore Ravens next week and just one victory away from a spot in the Super Bowl in Las Vegas.

And for Swift, the consummate professional, it’s time to gear up for the next leg of her blockbuster Eras tour in Japan next month.

With four tour dates leading up to the eve of the Super Bowl on February 11, it seems unlikely Swift will be in the crowd to cheer Kelce in Vegas should the team make it through.

After that she has dates in Australia and Singapore before a couple of months break to decompress before embarking on the monster tour’s European leg which starts in France in May. It is rumored that Kelce – whose hope by then will be to have secured a third Super Bowl ring – plans to join her in Europe.



But however mindful the loved-up couple must be of each other’s careers, their commitment to each other is not in doubt, a fact on which they doubled down as 2023 gave way to 2024.

Shimmering in a silver sparkly dress, celestial-inspired hairpins completing the look, Swift toasted the New Year alongside Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, 28, and wife Brittany with whom she has become fast friends.

Little did others know that they were watching a couple seal a secret promise they had made to each other earlier that evening.

Because hours earlier Kelce, fresh from the Kansas Chief’s 25-17 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, and Swift, a now almost constant presence in Arrowhead’s VIP box come gameday, quietly agreed that theirs is a relationship that is heading to the altar.

But, for now, the couple has agreed to keep the news on the down low giving them space to fulfill their promises to their fans and their followers, secure in the knowledge that their promise to each other will keep.