Kansas City pays tribute to Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce’s mothers with life-size holograms

Kansas City pays tribute to Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce's mothers with life-size holograms


They will be honored at KC’s Grand Hall


Kansas City pays tribute to Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce's mothers with life-size holograms

The mothers of Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce have become almost as famous as their Super Bowl-winning sons. Randi Mahomes is the mother of Patrick, while Donna Kelce is the mother of Travis. Both women have had a significant impact on the success of the Kansas City Chiefs, and now they are being honored in a big way.

In a unique tribute, both Randi and Donna will be featured as life-size holograms in Kansas City’s historic Grand Hall. The holographs will be on display at the Grand Hall until January 1. This special recognition is a testament to the important role these mothers have played in their sons’ lives and the Chiefs franchise.




The Kansas City Union Station took to Instagram to announce the tribute, sharing, “Both Randi and Donna will be honored with life-size holograms in the city’s historic Grand Hall. The holograph will be on view at the Grand Hall from now until January 1.

The mothers’ influence extends beyond their sons’ football careers. Randi Mahomes has another son, Jackson Mahomes, who has recently faced controversy over an upcoming sexual assault case. Randi came to her son’s defense on social media, showing her unwavering support for her family.


Donna Kelce also has another son, Jason Kelce, who is an All-Pro center for the Philadelphia Eagles. In an interview on her son’s podcast, Donna shared that she remains friends with their father despite their separation. This shows the strength and unity within their family.

Donna and Randi are a very proud mothers

Donna Kelce felt immense pride when her sons made history as the first brothers to face off in a Super Bowl. She became a prominent figure during that time and even had fans petitioning for her to do the coin toss at the game. Although the petition was unsuccessful, it is evident that both Randi and Donna are proud mothers of successful athletes

Aside from their roles as supportive mothers, Randi Mahomes and Donna Kelce also have their own careers. Randi works as an event planner in Tyler, Texas, while Donna had a successful career in banking for three decades, specializing in commercial real-estate finances.

The recognition of these mothers through life-size holograms is a testament to their impact on their sons’ lives and the Chiefs franchise. It is heartening to see them being celebrated for their unwavering support and dedication. As both Randi and Donna continue to support their sons’ careers, they serve as role models for other mothers who play a vital role in their children’s success.