Can Patrick Mahomes succeed without Pacheco in the game against Bills?

Can Patrick Mahomes succeed without Pacheco in the game against Bills?


Mahomes will have to rely on Edwards-Helaire


Can Patrick Mahomes succeed without Pacheco in the game against Bills?

The absence of Isiah Pacheco in Sunday’s game against the Buffalo Bills could have significant implications for Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs’ offense. With Pacheco out due to a shoulder injury, Clyde Edwards-Helaire has the opportunity to step into a central role as the lead running back.

“I know I’ll be there to do my job and do what I need to do,” Edwards-Helaire said confidently. “As far as being on the field as a running back… whenever my number’s called, I just go.”



This change in the running back position presents a unique challenge for Mahomes and the Chiefs. They have heavily relied on Pacheco since he took over from Edwards-Helaire last season. Now, heading into the game without their usual lead back, they enter somewhat unfamiliar territory


The Chiefs will also have Jerick McKinnon and Deneric Prince in the running back rotation on Sunday. McKinnon, who missed the last two games with a groin injury, has mainly contributed on passing downs this season. Prince, an undrafted rookie, will be promoted from the practice squad for the game.

The workload will likely fall heavily on Edwards-Helaire, who has had limited opportunities this season. His only game with more than six carries came in Week 3 against the Chicago Bears when the Chiefs held a significant lead.

“He’s going to be ready, no doubt,” McKinnon expressed his confidence in Edwards-Helaire. “Everybody in that room is ready… He knows what this moment means for him… He’s prepped for it… I expect nothing less on Sunday.”

Chiefs can succeed without Pacheco in the field
This shift in the running back situation could impact Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offensive strategy. Edwards-Helaire’s performance this season has been overshadowed by Pacheco, but this could be his chance to make a statement and contribute significantly to the team’s success.

As the Chiefs prepare for Sunday’s game, they understand the importance of having a reliable running game to support Mahomes and provide balance to their high-powered passing attack. Edwards-Helaire’s performance in this game could have long-term implications for his future with the team and their overall offensive strategy moving forward.

Ultimately, Mahomes and the Chiefs will need Edwards-Helaire to step up and seize this opportunity to prove himself as a capable lead back. The success of their offense may hinge on his ability to make an impact in Pacheco’s absence.