How Messi’s impact reflects Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift in the NFL

Messi’s impact reflects Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift in the NFL


The impact that Messi has had since his arrival in the United States has seen soccer in North America reach new heights, attracting a large number of celebrities and fans who have filled stadiums across the country wherever Inter Miami play.


Messi’s impact reflects Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift in the NFL

This year, the United States will be the epicentre of the sport as it prepares to host the Copa América, where the spotlight will be on a certain Argentine whose effect on the country has been compared to that of NFL tight end Travis Kelce and his relationship with pop star Taylor Swift.

“I think to some extent what Lionel Messi has done for the American soccer fan is similar to what Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce did for the recent surge of women watching the NFL,” said Jason Wagenheim, the CEO in the United States of the company Footballco, which has its headquarters in London.

The Messi effect
Soccer has seen enormous growth since the Inter Miami forward’s arrival in the MLS. According to a survey carried out by the aforementioned company, 90% of the United States fans who were interviewed are excited that the Copa América will be played in the United States.

The Copa América will serve as a preview to measure the United States’ capacity to host ahead of the World Cup, and which will take place in 2026, shared with Mexico and Canada.

Inter Miami’s Instagram account has skyrocketed to have more than 16 million followers. In addition to this, the sale of the Argentine star’s shirts are sold out, and new sponsors have arrived for the Florida team, such as Royal Caribbean.

On the other hand, since Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship went public, among teenage girls, NFL viewership has increased by 53%. Among the 18-24 demographic, there has been an increase of 24 percent. Leo Messi or Taylor Swift: who do you prefer?