Animal Rescues Celebrate Taylor Swift’s Birthday with $13 Donation Challenge

Animal Rescues Celebrate Taylor Swift's Birthday with $13 Donation Challenge


The Pennsylvania SPCA said it started the challenge after “a challenging year, with adoptions slowing dramatically and owner surrenders flooding into shelters”


Animal Rescues Celebrate Taylor Swift's Birthday with $13 Donation Challenge

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The Pennsylvania SPCA is promoting the #TaylorSwiftChallenge on its website with a banner mimicking Swift’s Eras Tour imagery with different cat pictures in colored squares.

The organization also teased some Swift songs in its message about the challenge on Facebook: “Long story short, if you’re here, we hope you’ve chosen us! Will you be the 1 for animals in need by donating now? We have been thrilled to see it catch on with rescues and shelters from North Carolina to Texas, Missouri to Massachusetts, and Kansas City to Oklahoma participating. We’re not on our own, kid.”



The Animal Rescue of Boston also announced on social media that it would participate in the #TaylorSwiftChallenge, asking people to donate $13 to the organization in the singer’s name. Alongside the post, they shared adorable photos of adoptable animals edited into Swift’s album covers, including a white cat named Bella on the Midnights cover and a dog named Zoey on the Lover album cover.

Outside the Taylor Swift Challenge, Felix Cat Insurance and the Brooklyn Cat Cafe partnered up to recognize 13 of the cafe’s adoptable felines as “Cat of the Year” finalists to honor Swift’s 34th birthday and her Time Person of the Year cover. The 13 cat finalists, named after Swift songs, are available to adopt now from the Brooklyn Cat Cafe.

Felix Cat Insurance also announced that it would make a $34,000 donation in the name of Swift’s cat, Benjamin Button, to the Brooklyn Cat Cafe to help support cat adoptions.

“With celebrity cats getting their time in the spotlight, we couldn’t resist the opportunity to connect with cat lovers and share that spotlight with other cats in need,” said Jamie Maxfield, the marketing director and brand expert at Felix Cat Insurance.

This isn’t the first time animal rescues have used Taylor Swift and the number 13 for a promotion. In April, the Houston Humane Society lowered its cat adoption fee to $13 to celebrate Swift’s Eras Tour stopping in the Texas city.