They are here!!! 🤗 Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce date night at a trendy Los Angeles hotspot! 🥰 – I love the fact that he has to be touching her. She is always within his reach. Protection. He will keep her safe.


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce hit the spot at a hot sushi spot.

The power couple was spotted holding hands after enjoying dinner at Sushi Park on Friday night in Los Angeles. In the pic obtained by ET, Taylor flashes her million dollar smile while rocking a red letterman jacket, denim skirt and a Gucci Luce bag. Meanwhile, the three-time Super Bowl champion’s rocking a green sweater and green shorts with black kicks.


By the way, Sushi Park’s very popular among A-listers, including Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny when they were still an item before things fizzled out at the end of last year. In any event, Travis’ date night with the Midnights singer comes just days after he and his brother, Jason Kelce, were officially presented with their diplomas from the University of Cincinnati.

Taylor was not in attendance, but her presence was certainly felt. At one point during the live taping of their popular podcast, Travis was seen enthusiastically moving his hips and dancing along to a marching band rendition of Taylor’s “Shake It Off.” Travis, of course, immediately chimed in saying, “Oh, I know this one!”

Previously on the podcast, Travis also reflected on his relationship with the pop star while opening up to guest Lil Dicky (a.k.a. Dave Burd) about how it began.

The conversation turned toward the pop star when Jason acknowledged that their audience includes a number of Swifties. Burd then offered his take on the public fascination surrounding Travis and Swift’s romance.

“I just think there’s something that makes everyone feel like the world is kind of like high school, where your most popular pop star, like, beloved musician somehow met, like, your most popular beloved athlete, and they actually fell in love and it’s real,” Burd suggested. “I dunno, I think anyone who hates on it is a bitter loser. But I think a lot of people who [you] would maybe expect to hate on it actually love it and acknowledge they love it because there’s just something so American about it or something. There’s something just classic about it.'”.