Patrick Mahomes’ Mom Responds to Photo About Brittany Backlash

Patrick Mahomes' Mom Responds to Photo About Brittany Backlash


Patrick Mahomes’ mom has taken to social media to comment on a backlash against her daughter-in-law, Brittany.


Patrick Mahomes' Mom Responds to Photo About Brittany Backlash

As the wife of a football star, Brittany Mahomes is accustomed to dealing with abuse online. Social media trolls regularly insult the 28-year-old’s appearance and outfit choices and even question her motives, with some labeling the entrepreneur a “gold digger.”

Fortunately, Randi Mahomes appears to have Brittany’s back. The Texas native is the mother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick, 28; his brother, social media influencer Jackson Mahomes, 23; and half-sister Mia Randall, 12.

Taking to X (formerly Twitter), the 47-year-old mom retweeted a post from a Kansas City Chiefs fan, @JustinReidDPOY. Shared on December 24, the post features a close-up photo of Brittany and Patrick Mahomes’ 1-year-old son, Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III.

Shared to Instagram by Brittany, the snap was taken during a family photo shoot with Santa Claus. While his 2-year-old sister, Sterling Skye, seemed happy to meet St. Nick, Bronze was clearly unimpressed. The toddler had an adorable scowl, which soon turned into a full-on tantrum.


“My face after someone complains about Brittany Mahomes,” @JustinReidDPOY wrote alongside the zoomed-in shot of Bronze, which has received over 94,000 views.

“Love this face,” Randi said in her retweet, calling the image “My fav!!”

Football fans couldn’t get enough of the sweet snap, with some praising the youngster’s cute face while slamming Brittany haters.

“My face exactly!” said @Chiefslady15. “The haters keep hating!!”

“Bronze is a whole mood and I absolutely adore it!” wrote Matilda Jayne.

“He’s staring down the haters, they ain’t got no chance,” said Hen.

“Looks like the rare ‘Patrick scowl’ when he’s reached his limit,” commented MJ Knows.

“Now that’s a game face!” said Spen-Dog. And Sarah Miles called the photo “perfection.”



This isn’t the first time Randi has spoken out in support of her daughter-in-law. In November, the mom defended Brittany after she shared a photo of Jackson holding Sterling Skye in a car.

Reddit users slammed Brittany because they did not see a child’s car seat in the vehicle. The retired women’s soccer player also came under fire recently for her friendship with Taylor Swift, who is dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.

Since September, the pop star has been regularly spotted at Chiefs games, often hanging out in luxury suites with Brittany. However, football fans have rallied against the intense coverage the 34-year-old singer receives during games, dubbing Swift and Brittany “the two most hated people in the NFL” on social media.

“I will never understand bullies and liars…,” Randi said on X. “It’s honestly not ok… stay blessed.”

Followers offered advice and support to Randi, who works as an event planner. Susan Long wrote: “I’m so sorry that the Mahomes family has to endure this vitriol.”

“People are just hateful and I feel like it is getting worse,” said Susan Gonzalez.

“I will never understand how people can be so mean,” wrote Becky Cowsert.

“I try to pay them no mind,” commented Adrienne Smith, to which Mahomes replied: “I try every single day but it’s sad when it’s complete false. It hurts me.”