Meghan Markle lets slip major clue she’s ‘frustrated’ at Prince Harry

Meghan Markle lets slip major clue she's 'frustrated' at Prince Harry


Duchess of Sussex appears to harbour some ‘frustration’ towards her husband when the pair are in public, a body language expert has claimed.


Meghan Markle lets slip major clue she's 'frustrated' at Prince Harry

Meghan Markle appears to let slip that she is “frustrated” with Prince Harry with one major clue, according to a body language expert.

Body language and behavioural expert Darren Stanton looked at the Duke and Duchess of Sussex over the last 12 months.

As well as stating that the couple are clearly very “supportive” of one another, Mr Stanton discussed one major clue that Meghan is “frustrated” with her husband.

Speaking on behalf of Betfair Casino, Mr Stanton said: “Meghan and Harry had a very interesting year in 2023. They had some highs and lows, but they still remain a strong brand as ever.

“In terms of these two, they are quite different in respect of the other royals, because they aren’t completing royal engagements.”


He added: “Meghan remains super confident. However, I do feel that she will sometimes try to come across as very happy, but it doesn’t always seem that way.

“There are times where you can see her frustration shine through, whether it is with Harry or herself.”

Turning his attention to Harry, the expert added: “But from a non-verbal perspective, we have definitely seen Harry develop a lot emotionally, certainly in the last year.

“He is far more willing to speak his mind, to be open and honest about how he feels.”

To conclude, Mr Stanton added: “Nevertheless, it’s clear that these two have great respect and support for each other.”



Having first met in 2016, Meghan and Harry are gearing up to celebrate six years of marriage later this year.

Less than two years into their marriage, the couple made the decision to step away from royal duties and move to the US.

Amid claims that their marriage was on the rocks, the couple have been determined to remain reunited – especially with Harry’s ongoing feud with his family.

One source previously told The Telegraph that the couple’s desire to carry out their own ventures sparked the rumours.

The source said: “If you introduce a couple together and the world knows them together, and then they find themselves in a situation where they need to find their own projects and their own identity, there is going to be a lot of speculation.

“But on top of being a couple, they are both working on their own things. They are fully supportive of each other’s concepts and ideas, but they are different from one another, they have different meanings. Everybody understands that they’re not just going to stand still.”