Jason Kelce reveals what a doctor told him about his wife getting pregnant again’ fans feel sorry for him….


Jason Kelce, the celebrated former center of the Philadelphia Eagles, made headlines this week after announcing his retirement from the NFL.


Amidst the buzz surrounding his departure, speculation regarding his wife’s purported pregnancy in a foreign locale began to circulate.

However, Jason swiftly dispelled these rumors during the newest episode of the New Heights podcast. Addressing the hearsay with characteristic wit, Jason humorously responded.

“Apparently, Kylie is pregnant with our fourth child, it’s a boy in this made-up universe. … If she got pregnant in Milan we’ve got some things to answer here,” Kelce joked.

What else did the brothers dispute?
Furthermore, the Kelce brothers took the opportunity to debunk various other unfounded rumors during their podcast conversation, including fanciful tales of Jason’s escapades dressed as a character from.

The Hangover movie and baseless assertions regarding his young daughter’s involvement with the Eagles.

Amidst the chatter, a particularly intriguing rumor concerning Travis Kelce surfaced, suggesting that the renowned footballer, affectionately dubbed “Mr. Pfizer” by Aaron Rodgers, contemplated leaving the United States if Donald Trump secured the presidency once again.

Travis unequivocally quashed these rumors on the podcast, affirming his steadfast commitment to remaining in America: “I’m staying in America, America will always be home.”

With Jason’s departure from the NFL at the age of 36, Travis, at 34, now faces the challenge of matching his brother’s illustrious 13-year career.

As speculation mounts regarding Travis’s future in the league, questions linger about when he will choose to hang up his cleats. Will he exit gracefully following the Kansas City Chiefs’ next Super Bowl defeat, or will he strive to prolong his tenure in the NFL for as long as possible?