Jason Kelce Gives an Inside Look at Private Life with Wife and Daughters: I Don’t Let Fame ‘Affect’ Us

Jason Kelce Gives an Inside Look at Private Life with Wife and Daughters: I Don't Let Fame 'Affect' Us


The Kelce family is at the center of Amazon Prime Video’s ‘Kelce,’ which the NFL star tells PEOPLE depicts the family’s average day-to-day


Jason Kelce Gives an Inside Look at Private Life with Wife and Daughters: I Don't Let Fame 'Affect' Us

Jason Kelce’s family isn’t fazed by the attention surrounding them.

Despite the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles center, 35, and brother Travis Kelce became two of the biggest names in football during Super Bowl LVII, it’s his home team that the NFL veteran keeps his focus on.

“We really try not to let it affect us, to be honest with you,” Jason tells PEOPLE of the attention around the family. “I think there are times where you’re out and about and whatnot, and it’s hard to just enjoy being at an event or out to dinner. But for the most part, everybody’s very nice and generous and either they are fans of the team or listening to the podcasts, or all of our family.”

“I love hearing people that appreciate whatever it is they appreciate about us,” he continues. “I don’t think we’re living any differently than we have been though. It’s just now there’s more articles and stuff, but we’re largely just doing the same thing.”


Much of the family’s “thing” this summer has been adjusting to their newest member, 6-month-old daughter Bennett Llewellyn.

“We’re fortunate that Benn is the easiest baby in the world,” Jason shares. “She’s been by far the easiest of our three and she’s fit in really well.”

Wife Kylie Kelce ribs, “Don’t say that too loud, she’ll hear you.”

The lighthearted and jokey nature of the couple, married since 2018, is something that’s important to them to pass on to their kids.

“We’re just trying to have fun and online, there’s a way to interact with people like never before. So with all these different forms of social media and fan engagement, we like to have fun with it.”
This summer, the two have shared glimpses of life as a family of five, with the pair agreeing daughters Elliotte, 2, and Wyatt, 3, have taken well to their baby sister.

“Elliotte, for a while, pretended that [Bennett] didn’t exist really, and she has come around. Now she’ll make it a point to say good morning to her and she sort of plays with her,” Kylie shares. “When she gets a little fussy, she’ll distract her and talk to her and bring her toys as peace offerings.”




Kylie notes that Wyatt has “taken the role very seriously.”

“Wyatt has been the best big sister. She will bring me diapers when she needs a new one,” she shares.

“I say that she’s great until she’s not and uses her as a hurdle in the living room,” Kylie laughs. “But besides those times where it gets really dicey, she’s been an absolutely awesome big sister.”

“Wyatt loves Bennett and actually, Bennett loves Wyatt,” the dad of three adds. “Every time Wyatt goes up to her, Bennett gets the biggest smile on her face and all Wyatt wants to do is play with her and jump over her and all that.”

Joking that they’re “overwhelmed with love,” Jason notes, “It’s always toughest on the one that was the baby, so Ellie took a little warming up, but she’s gotten used to her now.”
“You never have as much family time as you want, but I think we enjoyed the time we did get,” Jason shares. “And now, we’re getting ready for another season.”

As they settle into their next chapter after a whirlwind year, Jason and Kylie both hope the girls remember how loved they were throughout this moment in their family history.

“That’s the only thing I really care about. We’re very fortunate to be playing in the NFL and living the life that we are as a family. And I don’t know what my kids are going to take away from that,” Jason says. “But the number one thing, the basic thing that I think they take away from it is that we love them and they are the most important thing in the world to us, regardless of football.”

Kylie says, “I’m excited to hear when they’re older what they remember. I think Wyatt will probably remember a decent amount. There are some really cool things that we get to do as a family that I’m hoping they’ll have at least vague memories of because they’re so unique. The fact that we’re able to do them all together is really important, and they also just absolutely love getting to cheer dad on.”