“It sucks, it really does. I wanna be a part of this so bad. I wish I could.” Jason Kelce wishes he got to play with Saquon 😅


The Saquon Barkley signing by the Philadelphia Eagles has former Eagles center Jason Kelce feeling like he is missing out.


On the latest episode of the New Heights podcast, Kelce said that he knew the Eagles were primed to have a great season next and that he wishes he could be there for it.

“I could not be more bullish,” Kelce said

“We talked about it last week: This is what I’m regretting. I knew when I retired that I was going to miss just an outstanding season for the Philadelphia Eagles. It sucks, it really does. I wanna be a part of this so bad. I wish I could.”

He said he is remaining firm in his decision to retire and that he is looking forward to “watch it and celebrate it just like everybody else.”

Kelce retired following the 2023 season after 13 seasons with the Eagles. He made 193 starts for the team, earning seven Pro Bowl nods, six All-Pro designations and won Super Bowl LII with the franchise.

Rumors of his impending retirement came immediately after the Eagles season ended in the NFC Wild Card Round, and he made it official in March.

The Eagles signed Barkley to a three-year, $37.5 million contract and he joins a team that had the eighth-best rushing attack in the NFL in 2023. While Kelce won’t be there to contribute to the offensive line, he said that the remaining players will help Barkley excel in the offense.

“Huge, huge signing for Philadelphia, and I’m happy for Saquon,” Kelce said. “I’m not trying to talk trash … you’re coming to a team that has had a legitimate offensive line established for a very long time.”

Philadelphia went 11-6 in 2023 and finished second in the NFC East. It went to the Super Bowl in 2022 and remains a contender within the conference.