EXCLUSIVE: Meghan and Harry ‘sharing dirty Royal Family laundry’ makes their ‘comeback difficult’

EXCLUSIVE: Meghan and Harry 'sharing dirty Royal Family laundry' makes their 'comeback difficult'


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry sharing ‘grievances’ and ‘dirty laundry’ from the Royal Family will make their redemption tricky, according to PR professional Sabina Hitchen


EXCLUSIVE: Meghan and Harry 'sharing dirty Royal Family laundry' makes their 'comeback difficult'


Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are going to struggle to win trust back from members of the public after “oversharing” information about the Royal Family, claims an expert.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex might find it hard to convince people to “forgive and forget”, according to a PR professional who says Harry’s tell-all memoir Spare and Meghan’s confessions to Oprah Winfrey could delay the couple’s “comeback story”.

Showbusiness industry expert Sabina Hitchen compared the former working royals’ situation to Britney Spears and Robert Downey Jr in a sit-down with The Mirror. She urged Meghan and Harry to move on from “mistakes” as it could make them “sour”.


Speaking on the pair’s plans for 2024, the Press for Success founder admitted there’s a chance Meghan and Harry will be “welcomed back into the public’s good favour” this year, adding: “The bigger the setback the more celebrated the comeback.”

Sabina continued: “Other mistakes are less easy to forget when you begin to build a brand on them, including continuously sharing grievances whilst living a private jet lifestyle out of a multimillion-dollar mansion, the ongoing oversharing of dirty family laundry like in Spare. These mistakes the public has less of an easy time to forgive and forget, and may cause their feelings on all things Sussex to sour.”

The industry professional gave advice to the couple, adding: “Realise that there’s plenty of time for Harry and Meghan to build careers and make mistakes, but they must do both from a fresh space that is rooted in the future. Taking chances on new big dreams and making mistakes? Normal, we all do that.” She weighed in on public opinion, adding: “Returning to past mistakes? We are over it, and they should be too.”



It comes after news Meghan’s mum Doria Ragland is said to be a “wonderful” grandmother, being incredibly “hands-on” as she moves in with the Duke and Duchess. It was revealed that Meghan’s mother, Doria, 67, has moved onto the grounds of Harry and Meghan’s mansion in Montecito. According to reports, the doting grandmother has moved into the Sussexes’ guesthouse to help the pair through “tough times”.

Over the past 12 months, Harry and Meghan have gone through a “rather difficult” time, with Doria’s role in Meghan’s life increasing through this period. And the move has now made everyone’s life easier, with their many benefits for Meghan and Harry.

Doria is even said to have had £5,000-a-session grandparenting lessons from baby expert Brandi Jordan. The doting grandmother, who works as a yoga teacher, is also said to have signed up to Brandi’s Cradle Company service which assists in “bringing your family balance, structure, guidance, and harmony.” And according to MailOnline, Doria’s stepmother, Ava Burrows, has spoken about how in the US, the grandma is “a big deal”. She said: “Historically, in our culture, the mother worked long hours and needed all the support with her kids that she could get.

“Doria is very important to Meghan, and vice-versa. So I’m sure she wants to be a big part of her life, and her baby’s life.” Ava added: “She’ll be a wonderful grandmother.” This comes after the Daily Express revealed Doria had moved onto the Sussexes’ estate. The source said: “Doria has really been Meghan’s rock over the past year.

“Not only has she been there for her daughter but has enjoyed helping to look after the grandchildren.” Doria’s move has reportedly helped her avoid a three-hour car journey from her home in View Park-Windsor Hills, Los Angeles, whenever she wants to visit her family. It has been claimed that the yoga teacher “gets tired of the car rides”, which was a big factor in her decision to move in with her daughter, Harry, and their two children.