Brittany Mahomes faces fan criticism over her ‘work’, calling her ‘obnoxious’

Brittany Mahomes faces fan criticism over her 'work', calling her 'obnoxious'


Fans claim Brittany doesn’t have a real job


Brittany Mahomes faces fan criticism over her 'work', calling her 'obnoxious'

Brittany Mahomes has been the target of relentless trolling and hate for the past few years, largely due to her high-profile relationship with Kansas City Chiefs icon Patrick Mahomes. Despite the constant scrutiny, Brittany’s popularity has only continued to soar.

However, trolls persist in targeting her, particularly in response to her frequent social media updates. After a recent post featuring her children, Reddit users took aim at Brittany, criticizing her for not working and labeling her as ‘obnoxious

One user went as far as to dismiss Brittany’s work as a fitness trainer, claiming that even if she were to pretend to be working, there would still be a nanny ready to take over once the photo opportunity was over. Another user brought up her ownership in the KC Current, insinuating that her involvement was merely for show and that she did not contribute to the team’s day-to-day operations.



What was Brittany’s post about it?
The post in question was a short video clip of Brittany with her two children, Sterling and Bronze, on the couch. Despite the backlash, Brittany has remained vocal on social media, unafraid to address personal family matters or defend her husband’s performance on the field.

After the Kansas City Chiefs’ 20-17 loss to the Buffalo Bills, Brittany stood by Patrick and publicly criticized the referees for their decisions during the game. She even referred to the official as the ‘MVP’ of the game and continued to express her dissatisfaction with the situation.




Patrick Mahomes also voiced his frustration with the referees, particularly regarding a crucial call in the final minute of the game. He emphasized that the outcome of the game was significantly impacted by the referees’ decision and expressed his discontent with the lack of warning for the call. Despite the controversy, Patrick and the Chiefs are gearing up to face the New England Patriots.