Belichick dodges Taylor Swift talk before Patriots’ big game against Chiefs

Belichick dodges Taylor Swift talk before Patriots' big game against Chiefs


In a recent radio interview on WEEI’s “The Greg Hill Show,” New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick skillfully sidestepped questions about pop star Taylor Swift, who is currently dating Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce.


Belichick dodges Taylor Swift talk before Patriots' big game against Chiefs

The Patriots are preparing for a crucial game against the Chiefs this Sunday.

When the conversation veered towards Swift’s potential attendance at the game and whether Belichick would meet her, he responded with his characteristic focus on football, stating, “I’m really focused on trying to get our team ready to play Kansas City.” Belichick’s priority clearly remains on the field, emphasizing the importance of the upcoming game.

Despite the playful banter about Swift, who has been a noticeable presence at Chiefs games this season, including their recent 20-17 defeat to the Bills, Belichick remained reticent. He humorously declined to delve into ticketing details after co-host Courtney Cox jokingly asked for spare tickets, saying, “I’ll pass that along to our ticket department … I don’t really know anything about tickets.”


Interestingly, Belichick, a celebrated figure in football with eight Super Bowl victories, has previously shown a lighter side regarding Swift. He notably praised Swift’s resilience for performing in a rainstorm during her Foxborough tour, remarking, “She is tough, man. She just stood out there and played right through [the rain].”

Belichick also subtly acknowledged Kelce and Swift’s relationship in a previous interview. When asked about it, he wittily commented, “Well, I would say that Travis Kelce has had a lot of big catches in his career. This would be the biggest.”


On the field, the Patriots are riding high after breaking a five-game winning streak with a 21-18 victory over the Steelers. As they gear up for the December 17th clash with the Chiefs at 1 p.m., Belichick’s unwavering focus on football remains evident, regardless of the celebrity buzz surrounding the opposing team.