What will Jason Kelce do after leaving the NFL? – Auto parts salesman, farmer, or sportscaster?


The Philadelphia Eagles center has revealed a plethora of interests over the years.Jason Kelce has a lot to think about about his future. LAPRESSE

What will Jason Kelce do after leaving the NFL? – Auto parts salesman, farmer, or sportscaster?

It seems the day finally arrived: Jason Kelce is retiring from the NFL. Several media reports indicate that the Philadelphia Eagles center is bidding his farewell to the sport he played for the last 13 years without any clear indication as to what could be his future.

Kelce has never been very specific about his post-retirement career plans. Throughout the last decade, all his time and energy have been focused on the Eagles and his family, with his podcast “New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce” being little more than a side job.

Although he has the charisma and presence to dedicate himself to endorsing almost all kinds of products, Jason only has a couple of endorsements: men’s products brand Old Spice and energy drink brand 6 Shooter Energy Shots, appart from a brief collaboration with Campbell’s soup.

The future is uncertain for the elder Kelce, but over the years, he has left some clues about what he might do once he retires from his fruitful career on the gridiron.

Jason’s multiple interests
Among Kelce’s first options is the media business. Like many former players in all sports, Jason could dabble in sports storytelling or analysis. His experience and the charisma he has shown in New Heights are his best cover letter for this job.

One of the Eagles center’s early interests has been real estate. Since he began his career, Kelce has acquired several properties, starting with his $800,000 family residence sitting on an acre of land in Haverford, Pennsylvania.

He also owns a four-bedroom house on eight acres of land listed for $3.96 million, and another with similar features in Sea Isle City, for which he paid $2.2 million. His most recent acquisition was a three-unit rental home in Cleveland, worth $160,000.

Another of his best-known investments is his participation in RealTruck, a company dedicated to the purchase and sale of aftermarket truck parts and accessories. The company is co-owned by several football figures, including Dak Prescott, George Kittle, and C.J. McCollum.

Kelce’s strangest businesses
Jason Kelce’s long resume has no shortage of less common occupations. In one of the episodes of the podcast that he co-hosts with his brother Travis, he narrated that in his first years in the NFL, he accepted an off-season job as a bouncer at a bar. Although the job was short-lived, it remains a possibility for the 282-pounder.

His most unusual occupation, however, is that of a rancher. Late last year, it was revealed that Kelce had acquired 10 cross-breed cows that he keeps on the ranch from a couple who does all the heavy lifting.

At the end of last year, Jason explained that he had attended Greg Judy’s Grazing School Green Pasture to learn the basics of farming and agriculture.

At some point, the player stated that “I’ve always been interested in farming,” assured that some of his recent ancestors were farmers, and even recalled that he still has relatives who are dedicated to this business.

Although Kelce himself still needs to confirm his goodbye to the gridirons, it is clear that he will not lack interests to pursue in his post-NFL life. Not forgetting that his earnings of around $80 million in his 13-year career could give him a comfortable life without having to work for a long time.