The ‘Queen of the Court’ Serena Williams Exposes the Harsh Reality of Tennis Which She Was Subjected to for Decades

The ‘Queen of the Court’ Serena Williams Exposes the Harsh Reality of Tennis Which She Was Subjected to for Decades


Serena Williams has some extraordinary makeup skills and we know that, right? She has never shied away from experimenting with different looks throughout her career. The ‘Queen of the Court’ is always ready to try out different trends and fads. Be it the graphic eyeliner, baby highlights or anything else, she’s always up for it.


The ‘Queen of the Court’ Serena Williams Exposes the Harsh Reality of Tennis Which She Was Subjected to for Decades

But is it always possible to look on fleek while battling in the middle of clouds of dust and running around the court under the sun? Serena Williams recently opened up on the harsh realities of the tennis world. She reflected on how women tennis players are forced to look decent at every event despite hours of matches and training.

In 2018, Serena Williams launched her own cosmetics line under the name of ‘Aneres’ (i.e. ‘Serena’ spelt backwards). And now, the 42 tennis legend has launched another inclusive make-up line, named WYN Beauty. She recently talked about WYN Beauty, her new long-lasting inclusive on-the-go makeup line, which is inspired by past and present. While speaking on that, she also spoke about the hardships of tennis players on the court. She said, “For years I would travel to countries that didn’t have products that were made for me. But I still had to show up to press, to events and I had to look decent.”




She further went on to reveal, “I really had to champion doing my own makeup. Learning how to do my own face in order to be able to show up years ago, when there weren’t these 20- to 40-shade ranges.” Recently, the tennis diva shared a TikTok video showcasing her ability to apply false lashes while moving in a car. Insane…isn’t it?

Serena Williams posted that video on her social media account in which she was seen seated in the back seat of a car. She used just a mirror and a pair of tweezers to apply a set of flash eyelashes. In the captions, she wrote, “You know me… casually putting on lashes in the car. Can you do this?”

Even in February this year, the Queen shared her skincare routine in a makeup-free video with her fans on her Instagram Stories. Serena Williams is an icon, no matter whether she’s on the court or off the court. Fans always love to follow what she does in her regular routines.

“I’m Serena and I like to be different” – Nike recently honored the American tennis icon’s on-court looks
Renowned sports brand, Nike recently dropped its latest collection from ‘Serena Williams Design Crew’. They honored the 23-time Grand Slam champions’s on-court looks over the years. The collection included a wide range of exclusively curated sportswear, designer clothes, shoes, and many more things.

During the launching of that exclusive collection, Serena Williams said, “When I step on the court, I definitely want to stand out. I’m Serena and I like to be different. I just like taking a chance when it comes to design.” She even spoke about the importance of having diversity in today’s world. Serena Willaims thinks it’s always amazing to have different backgrounds and thoughts on the same platform. It creates wonders. Which is your pick from Serena Williams’ beautiful collection of on-court looks over the years.