Taylor Swift ditches ‘party mode’ for Travis Kelce: Expert

Taylor Swift ditches 'party mode' for Travis Kelce: Expert


Taylor Swift doesn’t like to switch on her “party mode” without Travis Kelce, according to a body language expert.


Taylor Swift ditches 'party mode' for Travis Kelce: Expert

In pictures obtained by Mirror, the 34-year-old singer was seen keeping a low-profile while attending a friend’s birthday in a Los Angeles dive bar named Barney’s Beanery.

According to reports, she wasn’t interrupted or ambushed by any fans nearby and enjoyed a carefree time.




Moreover, eye witnesses told the outlet that the Daylight songstress made her bodyguards stand outside to divert attention. She left the bar after two hours and made one of her bodyguards pay the tab on her behalf, as per the reports.

Analyzing her images, Judi James told Mirror that Taylor appeared to be staying on her “best behavior.”

“Sitting at the table, swamped by what seems to be an un-sexy baggy sweatshirt, Taylor shows no signs of showing off her star status. She sits low in her seat with her arms under the table, looking as though she’s on her best behaviour,” she said.

Judi added, “She even seems to be studying something that could be her phone screen, hinting that perhaps she is in contact with Travis while she’s out with the girls.”