So Sad: Andy Reid finally announced the date of his retirement as wife try to divorced him if he didn’t retire.

Breaking news: Ex-NFL Head Coach REVEALS Andy Reid's Retirement Plans And It Has Everything to do With Patrick Mahomes.


Ahead of every Kansas City Chiefs playoff outing in recent years, head coach Andy Reid gets some variation of the same question. Are you considering retirement at the conclusion of the season?

And every time a reporter asks, Reid gives a similar jokey response about how he doesn’t feel as old as he looks — or something of that nature. On March 7, the Chiefs HC was very candid about the eventual reason that he’ll end up calling it quits during an interview with Rich Eisen: His grandkids.

However, former Atlanta Falcons two-time NFC South champion head coach Mike Smith had a different theory on when Reid will hang up the clipboard while speaking exclusively with
“I don’t know how much longer he’s going to go but I don’t anticipate him stepping out before [Patrick] Mahomes does,” Smith told Betway Insider on April 12.

Predicting: “He’s going to stay right where he is as long as Mahomes is there. If Patrick decides he wants to retire early, then Andy may consider retiring but people don’t realize coach Reid is a grinder. He loves the preparation as much as the competition. He’s the mad scientist and we see it with all the Andy Reid signature plays which they run in pivotal moments.”
Keep in mind, Mahomes is only 29 in September!

Finally, Smith asked himself — “Could [Reid] coach for 10 more years?” Answering: “I think he could.”


So Sad: Andy Reid finally announced the date of his retirement as wife try to divorced him if he didn't retire.

Former Falcons HC Mike Smith Explains Why Andy Reid Will Coach Chiefs Longer Than People Think
This wasn’t just an uneducated guess by Smith. The former colleague and competitor of Reid laid out a few reasons why he believes Big Red will end up coaching a lot longer than people think.

One, it’s hard to leave when the good times are rolling.
“The Chiefs have dominated the decade so far,” Smith noted. “The key to winning multiple Lombardi trophies is having the right quarterback and Andy’s obviously got that in Patrick Mahomes.”

Two, Reid is climbing the all-time charts for head coaching wins, if he cares about that sort of thing — and even the humblest of people would to some extent.

“He’s the only coach to win 100 games with two different teams,” Smith pointed out during the interview with Betway Insider. “Right now, he’s sitting with the fourth most victories as an NFL head coach. He trails [first-ranked] Don Shula by 63 wins.”
And finally, coaching is what he lives for. As Reid has admitted many times, he doesn’t have many other hobbies.


So Sad: Andy Reid finally announced the date of his retirement as wife try to divorced him if he didn't retire.


“He’s not going to want to go play golf or go fish,” Smith voiced. “I don’t think that will ever happen. He’ll want to coach as long as he can and he’s very good at it.” And as the former Falcons HC reminded: “[Reid] hasn’t missed a beat even at 66.”

Of course, Smith’s prediction of Reid coaching out Mahomes’ entire career isn’t necessarily fact, but one thing is a guarantee. “When he does decide to retire, five years later there’s going to be a place for him in Canton, no doubt,” Smith declared.