Review, The NFL left us with some special memorable storylines this year; NFL wildest moments of 2023 From Taylor Swift to Dak Prescott

The NFL left us with some special memorable storylines this year; NFL wildest moments of 2023: year in review, from Taylor Swift to Dak Prescott


As 2023 draws to a close, so does a year of standout moments for the National Football League.


The NFL left us with some special memorable storylines this year; NFL wildest moments of 2023: year in review, from Taylor Swift to Dak Prescott

It has been quite a ride in the NFL world, with monumental events ranging from happy to tragic. 2023 will be known as the year Tom Brady finally retired, as well the one where ‘Swifties’ became football fans.

The NFL season is shorter than the other main US sports leagues, but also the most successful. The fact it is compact in nature just makes it all the more newsworthy when the regular season is in play.

These are the most memorable moments the NFL has given us this in 2023.

Charissa Thompson’s shocking admission from sideline reporting days
Charissa Thompson, a Fox Sports and Amazon Prime Video ‘Thursday Night Football’ host, said she used to make up reports at times when working as an NFL sideline reporter earlier in her career.

Thompson has since apologized, but the remarks sparked fan outrage. It also didn’t help other sideline reporters, who are trying to build up credibility for a media position which some have deemed as simply aesthetic and not always bringing value to broadcasts.

Taylor Swift and ‘Swifties’ become focus of NFL
Who would have imagined a time where Taylor Swift became the background photo on the NFL’s social media accounts? Well, it happened in 2023, and not because of anything related to the Super Bowl halftime show. The ‘Bad Blood’ singer’s romance with Travis Kelce became official in September, enthralled the league, and welcomed a whole legion of new fans known as ‘Swifties’.



Kansas City’s home win against the Chicago Bears (41-10) in Week 3 became a media frenzy due to Swift making an appearance at Arrowhead Stadium’s suites.

Aaron Rodgers signs with Jets and tears Achilles tendon on 4th snap

It was the 22nd anniversary of Sep. 11 in New York, week 1 of the 2023 NFL season, in front of a packed MetLife Stadium. Aaron Rodgers runs onto the field waving the American flag, in what Jets were hoping would finally be a memorable season.

Memorable it was, but for all the wrong reasons. Rodgers’ tore his Achilles tendon on the fourth snap. While his recovery at age 40 (39, when it happened) has been remarkable, the Jets went back to Zach Wilson as a starter and missed out on a playoff berth once again.

GOAT QB Tom Brady’s ACTUAL retirement with selfie video at beach
He had tricked us many times before, coming back from retirement on two occasions (one of them with an official announcement). This time, Tom Brady kept it simple with a selfie video from a North Miami beach. The Patriots and Buccaneers QB finally put a real end to the Hall of Fame career which has fans of all teams unanimously considering him the GOAT of NFL quarterbacks.



To make things extra official, Tom Brady invited his closest friends and family (but not ex-wife Gisele) to celebrate his retirement in a beach getaway on the weekend of April 19. The event included a game of beach football with his former tight end, Rob Gronkowski.

In March, a jar full of sand from the retirement video was sold for over $100,000 on Ebay.

The Dallas Cowboys official accounts throw shade at their own Dak Prescott
The internet is full of articles praising and criticizing pro athletes alike. What was so unusual about this article and social media post from the Dallas Cowboys is that they threw their QB Dak Prescott under the bus after their playoff elimination in January.

“Dak Prescott gave away the ball twice in the narrow loss to the 49ers, in a matchup where the Cowboys had a chance to win if they didn’t again generate self-inflicted wounds”, the captioned post read.

Bills at Bengals suspended indefinitely after Damar Hamlin cardiac arrest

The new year started in the worst way, when a standard NFL play on Monday Night Football resulted in Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest. Thanks to the medical staff at the stadium, the player ultimately made a recovery from commotio cordis.

Hamlin is now a candidate for Comeback Player of the Year in 2023 after suiting up this season and playing several snaps with the Bills defense.