Prince Harry ‘digs deep’ into ‘own angst’ during speech at charity event

Prince Harry ‘digs deep' into ‘own angst' during speech at charity event


Prince Harry seemed emotional during his speech at the Potential is Waiting event for Sentebale, an organization that aims to help the youth of Southern Africa.


Prince Harry ‘digs deep' into ‘own angst' during speech at charity event

Sentebale was founded by the Duke of Sussex in 2006 to support the wellbeing of young people affected by HIV.




At the event, Harry spoke about his childhood memories of Africa and credited his mother for the deep connection he feels to the continent. He said he intends to continue his mother’s legacy and help young people of Africa get the best care.

Body language expert analyzed his behavior at the event, noting, “His knee-splay and his slightly curved pelvis position suggests an undercurrent of inner comfort and confidence but we also have the distant eye-gaze suggesting he is digging deep into his own angst in an act of empathy while he holds his hand into a soft fist with the thumb between the fingers to suggest a desire to get his memories and feelings or his point across.”

Speaking at the event, Harry said, “Africa’s in my heart, Africa’s in my soul. I first went there when I was 12… 13 years old, and after so many years I wanted to give back to it because it had given me so much.”

“The vast open space, the cultures, the communities, the people, the wildlife, just the freedom was a huge piece of why I loved Africa so much,” he continued.

“My mother had a strong focus on HIV and AIDS but also on the younger generation because it’s their futures that are being stolen from them,” he reflected.

“And at the heart of Sentebale, what we’ve always believed is that every single young person should have a chance at a better future,” he added.