Kylie Kelce Reveals Adorable Way Daughter Wyatt Spots Dad Jason Kelce’s Jersey (Exclusive)

Kylie Kelce Reveals Adorable Way Daughter Wyatt Spots Dad Jason Kelce's Jersey (Exclusive)


Jason and Kylie Kelce’s girls are becoming football fans.


Kylie Kelce Reveals Adorable Way Daughter Wyatt Spots Dad Jason Kelce's Jersey (Exclusive)


Wyatt Kelce may not have a hang of the lingo, but she’s always ready to cheer on her dad,

Speaking with PEOPLE about her partnership with HoneyBaked for the holidays, the mom of three, 31, talked about how her girls are starting to understand the sport their dad plays in their own ways.

Of oldest daughter Wyatt, 4, Kylie tells PEOPLE, “It’s funny. She enjoys watching here and there. We like to look at the TV for times when Jason might have his helmet off or Uncle Trav might have his helmet off. Those are the moments where I can really suck them into a game because then they don’t look like every other person on the field.”

“When their helmets are off, they can say, ‘Oh, that’s definitely dad,’ ” Kylie continues. “Wyatt has recognized Jason’s number on his jersey. She calls it ‘sixty, number two,’ instead of 62. But same thing, she knows what she’s looking for.



The Kelces, who tied the knot in April 2018, are also parents to daughters Bennett Llewellyn, 8 months, and Elliotte, 2½.

As excited as the three girls are to spot dad, Wyatt has just as much fun looking for their “Uncle Trav,” Kansas City Chief tight end Travis Kelce.

“Anytime they see red teams on the TV, they say, ‘Are we cheering for the red team?’ Because usually, we’re watching Uncle Trav.” says Kylie.

The mom of three says all of her daughters’ knowledge of football is “progressing.”

“You can see how they’re picking up on those small hints and cues and learning how to watch football,” she shares.

“But I would say when it comes to watching the actual game, our middle Elliotte — actually, it’s the strangest thing — will cheer at the right times where it’s almost as if she understands the game.”



Another thing important to Jason and Kylie to pass on to their girls? An attitude of gratitude and giving back, which Kylie has put at the forefront of much of her work in the public eye.

“I just think we are super fortunate. Jason worked very, very hard to be in the position that he’s in, and it’s put us in a position where we have the ability to help out others who are not as fortunate,” she says.

“I find that to be something super important for our girls to see. But also just because not everything we do is publicized, that it’s important to give back and not necessarily for the recognition. We have a deep value for kindness and generosity, so to be able to give back is something that we’re really fortunate to be able to do. We’re just going to continue on that track so that our girls understand that that’s something of importance, especially in the position that we’re in.”