Kylie Kelce claps back at Jason Kelce’s Buffalo antics: ‘I’m not asking permission either’

Kylie Kelce claps back at Jason Kelce's Buffalo antics: 'I'm not asking permission either'


It appears Jason Kelce got himself in trouble with his wife after his statements


Kylie Kelce claps back at Jason Kelce's Buffalo antics: 'I'm not asking permission either'

One of the funniest moments of last weekend’s Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills game that went unnoticed came from Kylie Kelce. We are talking about Jason Kelce’s wife and the mother of his children. There is a moment when Jason loses control and steps out of the cubicle in Buffalo without his shirt and starts pounding beers like nothing. He starts celebrating his brother’s touchdowns and eventually comes out to mingle with Buffalo Bills fans. While many may have booed him from a distance, those who were close couldn’t hide their excitement. Jason Kelce proved on that day he is a man of the people but Kylie Kelce was unimpressed. In fact, she seemed like she wasn’t enjoying the spectacle as much as the rest of us.


On Wednesday’s ‘New Heights’ podcast, Jason Kelce revealed he actually gave Kylie Kelce a heads up that he was about to celebrate just the way he did. She previously told him not to and he said he didn’t need permission. That drew a funny reaction from Kylie, who gave Jason Kelce a taste of his own medicine while simply letting him know the family is getting a new cat. Here’s what she wrote on a now pinned Instagram comment: “‘I’m not asking for permission, I’m doing this.’ – the exact quote I will say when I’m grabbing the keys to get a cat.” Apparently, the Kelces are getting a new pet kitten and Jason Kalece won’t have a say in it.



But all jokes aside, last Sunday was absolutely mental with Jason Kelce stealing the show in an afternoon that proved the Kansas City Chiefs truly are a generational team that has the potential to emulate what the New England Patriots did with primer Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski. Only now we are getting a similar feeling with teh Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce duo. Jason knew this perfectly last Sunday, that’s the reason he celebrated the way he did. Going a little wild was completely out of the question for that specific gameday.