Kylie Kelce Appreciate her fans for following her and drop two heartfelt message for them.

Kylie Kelce Appreciate her fans for following her and drop two important message for them.


Hello, fellow people who went from having no idea who Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce were, to being completely obsessed with their relationship. You are among friends. These two could not be more humble or more chill, but make no mistake…they’re loaded.

We have a whole breakdown of what’s lurking in Jason Kelce’s bank account over this way, but we’re here to talk about Kylie Kelce’s net worth—which is huge and getting huger as her Instagram following goes 📈. Let the deep dive commence!
Kylie Was a Student When She Met Jason
And he was right by her side when she graduated from Cabrini University in 2017. No literally, there he is:
While Kylie majored in communications in college, her main passion was field hockey. According to Cabrini Athletics’ page, she played defense and started in all 20 games of 2016. In other words, she was super skilled!
Point is, Kylie hadn’t entered the work force yet due to focusing on her education and field hockey. Once she met Jason and graduated, she began devoting her time to giving back to their local community. Which makes sense given….


Kylie Kelce Appreciate her fans for following her and drop two important message for them.

Kylie Is Currently a Philanthropist
Jason actually started a non-profit called (Be)Philly, which is “dedicated to improving the lives” of Philadelphia’s youth by supporting “the most innovative and impactful programs in the city.” And obviously Kylie is involved!
She’s also integral to the Eagles Autism Foundation and throws events for them every year. In fact, Kylie recently chatted about autism-related advocacy on the Today Show, saying, “I had a neighbor growing up, Tim, who was like my brother. He called me and my sister his sisters, my mom his girlfriend, and my dad “The Boss.” He was just a constant, he was always around, and it was a learning experience that I didn’t even know we were gaining.”

Kylie added that her friendship with Tim “gave me this deep love and appreciation for one person who was on the autism spectrum, and so therefore it sort of just gives you this love. And it definitely fueled my passion.”
She went on to say that when she found out Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie “was using autism as his focus” for the team, she “was all in.”

According to Us Weekly, Kylie initially volunteered for the Eagles Autism Foundation and took on “more of an official” role in recent years.