kelce describes swift as “hilarious and genius” saying her intellect is fuc**ng mind blowing

“By the time I went to that first game, we were a couple,” Taylor dished. “I think some people think that they saw our first date at that game? We would never be psychotic enough to hard launch a first date.” The “Anti-Hero” singer has since attended several more Kansas City Chiefs games to cheer on Travis, 34. He was also in attendance at her Eras tour in Argentina on November 11. “When you say a relationship is public, that means I’m going to see him do what he loves,” she explained. “We’re showing up for each other. Other people are there and we don’t care.” This public display of affection is quite different from what Taylor experienced with Joe, 32, with whom she was rarely seen in public during the six years they were together. She subtly pointed this out in the Time interview, adding, “The opposite of that is you have to go to an extreme amount of effort to make sure no one knows that you’re seeing someone. And [Travis and I are] just proud of each other.” She added, “Life is short. Have adventures. Me locking myself away in a house for a lot of years, I’ll never get that time back. I’m more trusting now than I was six years ago.” Of course, there’s no shortage of scrutiny when Taylor shows up to an NFL stadium and is cheering her man on from a private box, but she’s been able to block out the noise. “I don’t know how they know what suite I’m in,” she admitted. “There’s a camera, like, a half-mile away, and you don’t know where it is and you have no idea when the camera is putting you in the broadcast, so I don’t know if I’m being shown 17 times or once. I’m just there to support Travis. I have no awareness of if I’m being shown too much and pissing off a few dads, Brads and Chads.” She also has a newfound appreciation for the sport. “Football is awesome, it turns out,” Taylor concluded. “I’ve been missing out my whole life.”


Travis Kelce has lavished praise on his girlfriend Taylor Swift – saying that his mind is blown each day by her ‘genius’ and that her world view is ‘right up my alley’.


kelce describes swift as "hilarious and genius" saying her intellect is fuc**ng mind blowing

The 34-year-old has captured international headlines thanks to his quickly developing romance with pop superstar Taylor Swift – which has seen him travel across the country as well as across continents.




In a tell-all interview with the Wall Street Journal, Kelce opens up about what it’s been like getting to know Taylor and what he’s learned about her in the course of their relationship.

Kelce admitted that he tried avoiding speaking about the relationship out of an abundance of caution to ‘make sure I don’t say anything that would push Taylor away.’



But these days, Kelce beams about Swift – calling her ‘hilarious’ and ‘a genius’ and that they have similar views and thoughts about the world, family, and work.

‘Everybody knows I’m a family guy,’ he says. ‘Her team is her family. Her family does a lot of stuff in terms of the tour, the marketing, being around, so I think she has a lot of those values as well, which is right up my alley.’


Now that he’s dating the pop star – who he was a fan of before meeting her – he’s taken more care to listen to the lyrics of his music.

‘I’ve never been a man of words. Being around her, seeing how smart Taylor is, has been f***ing mind-blowing. I’m learning every day.’

While Kelce has been learning about Swift through her music, he’s also getting a glimpse into the attention surrounding her every day while the media frenzy concerning their relationship only gains speed.

Kelce’s seemingly quiet neighborhood is now bustling with paparazzi, drones, and cameras all around his home – following him everywhere he goes.

‘Obviously I’ve never dated anyone with that kind of aura about them…. I’ve never dealt with it,’ Kelce says. ‘But at the same time, I’m not running away from any of it….

‘The scrutiny she gets, how much she has a magnifying glass on her, every single day, paparazzi outside her house, outside every restaurant she goes to, after every flight she gets off, and she’s just living, enjoying life. When she acts like that I better not be the one acting all strange.’

In the opposite direction, Kelce has been showing Swift glimpses into how he operates.

He grew up eating dinner while surrounded by family and with the TV on, usually tuned in to some form of comedy.

His personality has reflected some of his favorite comedians: Chris Farley, Adam Sandler, and Will Ferrell.

‘I told Taylor that I have that world, I’ve got to introduce it to her. I let her know: This is my jam right here,’ Kelce said.