Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes accused of buying the Super Bowl by 49ers legend

Kansas City Chiefs and Patrick Mahomes accused of buying the Super Bowl by 49ers legend


Former San Francisco 49ers player Donte Whitner has reignited the age-old debate over the integrity of NFL games, alleging that Super Bowl LVIII was rigged against his former team in favor of the Kansas City Chiefs. Whitner made these assertions during an appearance on Kay Adams’ Up & Adams show, where he expressed his belief that the 49ers faced not only their opponents on the field but also unfair officiating.


“I think that the 49ers played against the refs as well, guys,” Whitner stated, pointing out instances of what he perceived as biased calls favoring the Chiefs. “The 49ers played against Taylor Swift, the refs, and the Kansas City Chiefs. All three.”

However, Whitner’s claims are not isolated. Will Compton, a former NFL linebacker with nine seasons under his belt and experience playing for five different teams, echoed similar sentiments shortly after the Chiefs secured victory over the 49ers in the Super Bowl. Taking to X, Compton likened the NFL to the scripted outcomes of professional wrestling, suggesting that games are predetermined for entertainment purposes.

Fans are starting to believe the league is rigged
Adding fuel to the fire, the notion of NFL games being rigged is not a new one. The discourse stretches back to Super Bowl III, where Hall of Famer Bubba Smith of the Baltimore Colts alleged that their defeat against Joe Namath and the New York Jets was orchestrated. Smith posited that the outcome was influenced by the league to bolster its popularity during the merger era.

Smith’s claims included accusations against his own team, implicating Colts quarterback Earl Morrall in the alleged fix. Despite these historical allegations, the NFL has consistently denied any involvement in rigging games.

While Whitner’s assertions may spark controversy and skepticism among fans, the veracity of such claims remains uncertain. In a league where drama and spectacle often rival on-field action, discerning fact from fiction can prove to be a daunting task. As the debate over the integrity of NFL games persists, one thing remains certain: the allure of conspiracy theories surrounding the league shows no signs of fading away.