I have every right ‘ They can’t just do that and go scot-free ” Taylor Swift and Boyfriend sue Philadelphia radio station $201m for ban

I have every right ' They can't just do that and go scot-free


Top 40 Philadelphia radio station Q102 says it is banning Taylor Swift’s music from its airwaves this weekend ahead of the Philly Eagles vs. Kansas City Chiefs NFL game on Monday.


“Q102 is punting Taylor Swift from the radio station for the entire weekend because while Q102 loves Taylor Swift, we can’t get enough of her, this weekend it’s really important we show our support for the Birds,” Nugget, a radio host at Q102, told CBS News Philadelphia.
According to the report, Swift’s music will once again be played on the station starting Tuesday. The temporary ban is presumably due to Swift’s relationship with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Although, the station is forgetting that Swift had a love story with the Eagles first — her family, and father Scott Swift in particular, are longtime fans of the Philly team, having lived in Pennsylvania for many years.

Swift even put her fandom into a song. In the track “Gold Rush” off her 2020 album Evermore, she sings, “I see me padding across your wooden floors / With my Eagles T-shirt hanging from the door.”

Fans have since debated whether she meant the band of the same name or the football team, and she confirmed at her Eras tour stop in Philadelphia in May that it was the latter. “There was sort of a, I don’t know how large the debate was, the debate about I have a lyric that says, um, ‘my Eagles T-shirt hanging from the door,’” she explained to the crowd. “I saw some people wondering if it was the band the Eagles or the team the Eagles. Guys, like, come on, like, I’m from Philly, of course it’s the team.”

That hasn’t stopped her from very publicly cheering for her “Lover” and the Chiefs, of course. The singer has been spotted at several of his games, and last week, Swift acknowledged their relationship in a song, by concluding her three-hour show with a “Karma” lyric change directed at him with: “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs, coming straight home to me.”