Brittany Mahomes shares cute Bronze tantrum, while he gets angry mom takes it with humor

Brittany Mahomes shares cute Bronze tantrum, while he gets angry mom takes it with humor

Bronze has become a social media superstar thanks to her mom


Brittany Mahomes shares cute Bronze tantrum, while he gets angry mom takes it with humor

Patrick Mahome’s little son Bronze Mahomes is gaining popularity on social media, thanks to his mother. The cute one-year-old baby constantly appears on Brittany’s Instagram account.

On this occasion, Bronze appears in a short video where he is playing when he suddenly gets angry and pushes the toy against the floor with a tender and serious look. The little boy ends up applauding and smiling

Brittany Mahomes is known for keeping her audience updated on the charming antics of her two children, 2-year-old Sterling and adorable Bronze.

Brittany Mahomes was recently criticized by a former waitress in a TikTok video for leaving a $0 tip on a $130 meal. Jessica O’Connor and served Brittany during the days before she married Patrick Mahomes. According to Jessica, Brittany Mahomes did not pay a single dollar in tips to any waiter who served her and her friends.


Patrick and Brittany Mahomes are committed to not only raising their children in a loving environment, but also providing them with experiences that enrich them and allow them to grow, learning every step of the way.

Patrick Mahomes’ son Bronze is supporting his dad from the sidelines.

On Sunday, Brittany Mahomes, 28, shared a photo on her Instagram Story as she and son Patrick “Bronze” Lavon, 12 months, watched the Kansas City Chiefs star, also 28, at his game over the weekend.

Bronze wore a red Kansas City Chiefs jacket and a red beanie, matching Brittany, who wore red pants. Sitting on his mom’s leg, he looked back at the camera with a confused face.

“Mood,” Brittany wrote above her son on the picture.

In addition to Bronze, Patrick and Brittany share daughter Sterling Skye, 2.



At the beginning of the season, the family of four enjoyed a special moment when Brittany brought both kids on the sidelines to greet their quarterback dad for the first time.

In a carousel of photos posted on her Instagram, Brittany held her son — who wore a mini version of dad’s jersey — and hugged her daughter, who opted for overalls embroidered with her dad’s number and last name. “Dubs for dad❤️,” Brittany captioned her post.

She also posted several photos to her Instagram Story, including a sweet picture of herself and her kids as they kneeled on the field. “Bronzie Boys first time on the field 🥺,” she wrote across the photo.

Last month, Brittany and Patrick celebrated their son’s first birthday with a football-themed party. In photos shared on Brittany’s Instagram Story, Patrick held his son in front of a green chalkboard that read, “Bronze’s 1st Down,” smiling for the camera while Bronze stuck a finger in his mouth.

The party featured a turf field, football decorations and a black bounce house, which the couple’s daughter tested out ahead of the party. “Sterling’s birthday or Bronze’s? 😂,” the mom of two joked.

Brittany also included a video of her son chomping down on his green cake, which ended up all over his face and hands. In one photo, Bronze looked shocked as his mom snapped his photo, cake smudged across his cheeks.